The Venns believe that local beer is tasty, pubs bring us together like nowhere else can, and learning new things is awesome.

Many years ago, Chella Quint had the idea that a winning pub quiz team might look like a Venn diagram of overlapping areas of expertise.

When she realised that testing this and other theories could justify spending improbable amounts of time in the pub, The Venns was born.

This led to quizzing in the pubs of Sheffield with a cadre of past and current residents (particularly those who had game-show-peppered pasts), to interviews with quizmasters and quizgoers in three countries (and counting), stats gathering, peer review from some clever and patient PhD students and profs, and the whole darn thing  quickly expanded to include a fanzine, actual fans, quizmastering, cross-town and cross-continent inter-pub challenges, comedy performance lectures full of charts and graphs, and invitations to bear witness to the expanding international popularity of the great British pub quiz via twitter, and maybe one day in person (get ready, Amsterdam).

Chella lives in Sheffield, England, but  she’s originally from Brooklyn, New York, which now,  happily, has trivia nights of its own. She does a number of other comedy fanzine and performance projects, and you can find out more about her current projects and schedule here.

The Venns project promoted a number of Sheffield charities and small independent businesses: Sheffield Mind, St. Luke’s Hospice,  Freshmans, Jam Jar Beads, Rhyme and Reason Bookshop, Street Food Chef, Yee Kwan Ice Cream, Blue Bee Brewery, and, of course, Henderson’s Relish.

The Venns received support from the following Sheffield people and places: The Rutland Arms, The University Arms, The Greystones, The Union, The Riverside, Now Then Magazine, Signposts, The Workstation, Electric Works, and People for Print.

Chella would also like to thank her teammates past and present, the quizmasters and quiz teams of Sheffield, Keighley, Edinburgh, and New York City,  volunteer field correspondents, and  her friends.

They’re all part of the Venn.